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Top Ten Good Breaks And Good Timing

I wrote a blog on myon Sun Feb 10, 2013. Nobody can't live an entire life full of bad luck, at the wrong place at the wrong time every hour, and continuous unfortunate moments. I'm currently living with bad breaks such that I interviewed for a job once this year compared to seven interviews last year.

Tides change. Times change. Every day is a new day. The wind blows at my back soon. I find a path to good fortunes eventually. One good timing moment happened in April 2011. I attended my first live San Jose Sharks hockey game. Also, the game was the first time I entered the HP Pavilion and my first major sports playoff game I watched live.

I write my good breaks and good timing. Here are the top ten:

10. JAPAN TOWN ANIME FAIRE (2004). I drove the 1984 Toyota truck instead of the 1992 Mercury Sable station wagon to San Francisco. It was the first time I attended an anime event wearing a costume. I couldn't miss the opportunity.

The station wagon broke down on the same day. Thank goodness I drove the truck. My anime memorable moment could have been a disaster when the station wagon broke down along the freeway or in downtown. I wore my costume for the entire day.

9. SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY (1992-1997). There were multiple professors that helped my semesters become less stressful.

*OPTIONAL FINALS: Human Biology, Public Speaking, Astronomy, and Economics Writing Workshop.

*OPEN BOOK FINALS: Mechanical Physics and Macroeconomic Analysis.

*TAKE HOME FINALS: Econometrics and History Of Economics.


*MIRACLE FINAL: Religion in America.

ALSO, GREAT TIMING when my Economics department offered the classes I enrolled for the semester: Mathematical Methods For Economics offered in the morning instead of night (and my good calculus background from my math classes), Economics Writing Workshop available the next semester when I qualified to take it, Microeconomic Analysis taught by my favorite professor, and Econometrics and History Of Economics only offered every two years.

8. BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO (1996). My first retail job. The store manager and I attended the same high school. That was the number one reason he hired me.

7. CISCO (2007). There was an opening for a Business Analyst position. My last job was going downhill. I wanted to get out. I knew and I self-taught myself Crystal Reports which was the number one reason Cisco hired me.

6. ANIME CONVENTIONS (1999-2008). Most anime convention attendees either work part-time or attend school or college. I worked full time and I graduated with a college degree. No money problems and no studying worries during my height.

5. COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL (1999). My boss who hired me at Grubb & Ellis also hired me at Colliers International. This is an example of getting along with your boss can pay off in the long run. I knew and I self-taught myself Access which was the number two reason Colliers International hired me.

4. MY FIRST CAR (2007). My neighbor and his wife moved to Virginia. They sold me their second car. My Toyota Camry made my Cisco commute less stressful and less costly with air conditioning and a more fuel efficient engine. I visited many new places and experienced new experiences outside work.

3. WASHINGTON CANADA TRIP (2008). The timing was perfect visiting my friend in Washington. I was lost and confused. I didn't know what to do with my life. I needed a break to refocus and reset. I wanted to get away. The trip saved me from years of therapy.

2. BALLROOM DANCING (2009). My sister introduced me to ballroom dancing. She encouraged me to take classes at De Anza College. I made new friends and met my current girlfriend.

1. FANIME CON 2004 (2004). I met up with a friend who graduated college. He was phasing out of anime. I thought about phasing out myself. I went to a Fullmetal Alchemist anime series midnight marathon. The marathon showed 17 episodes. I stayed awake the entire time. I said to myself after episode 8, "I'm going to [wear the costume of] (the main character)". The series and the costume saved me from quitting anime at the end of 2004.
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