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Cosplayer Interview: Eric Smart/Trifinity Cosplay

Yay! Interview time! Finally. It's been a while hasn't it? And guess what?? I finally interviewed a boy!Woo! And his name is Eric! He is a very amazing prop builder. I've seen his work at the cons and am always impressed! Someday I'll commission him to help me with the list of props I need for my cosplays. But on with the interview!

Cosplayer Interview

YOUR NAME OR COSPLAY NAME:Eric Smart, or the husband half of Trifinity Cosplay

AGE:My state ID has me at 28, mentally who knows.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN COSPLAYING/PROP BUILDING?I first cosplayed at Anime Oasis 06 and it had a prop that I built with it, so 7 year on both accounts.

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST COSPLAY/PROP?My very first cosplay was Kaze or the Black Wind from the anime Final Fantasy Unlimited, which brought about my first prop, the Magun which is Kaze's weapon.

Demyx (original version) from kingdom hearts featuring my construction of the Sitar

Cosplayer: Laura Gray


DO YOU MAKE YOUR COSPLAYS, BUY THEM PRE-MADE ONLINE, OR HAVE THEM COMMISSIONED?I am part of a husband and wife duo *I'm the husband ;)* I'm the crafter, I build the pros and odds and ends that we need for our outfits. She is the seamstress and makes our outfits. So together we make pretty much make everything we cosplay.

WHY DO YOU COSPLAY?Cause it's fun, vague answers aside I do it for many reasons. I love being creative and really enjoy bringing to life something that was once a two dimensional character. I love flexing my 'craft muscles', as it were, and get to use some of the knowledge I possess. Also if nothing else it is a great way to nerd out with people. Cause it is always fun to nerd out with more then just yourself, well in my opinion at least.

WHAT IS YOU FAVORITE PART ABOUT COSPLAY?This is a tough one, there are so many elements about cosplay that I love. So I shall pick community! Like I said above, I really enjoy finding others that are into the same thing as me. Cosplaying is a huge advantage for finding people to be nerdy with. It's practically a billboard saying hey I like this show.

WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE PART?I personally haven't had this but have seen friends go through it and that is cosplay discrimination. Nerds, who are more then often outcast by 'normal' society, outcasting other nerds seems completely backwards, not to mention wrong. People cosplay for different reasons, have different skill levels and different body types. I wish they would let others have fun doing what they do and keep their opinion to themselves. Cause if anything the culture needs to band together.

(Original Steampunk Character) Reginald Rhythm's DJ goggles

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER TO COSPLAY?That is easy, Maes Hughes! He is such a fun, energetic, iconic and a good natured guy. It's always fun to run around showing off daughter pictures to everyone. I've also been told I fit the character quite well.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COSPLAY/PROP TO WEAR?Most of my steampunk outfits. Not only do I love the outfits that I have to go with the era, as long as it isn't scorching hot out. It is also original creations that I've poured much thought into. The biggest part of my steampunk cosplays are the props that go along with the persona of the character. This way I not only get to show off my craftsmanship but my imagination and inventiveness as well. Most of them are also really comfortable to wear.

WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE COSPLAY/PROP TO WEAR?I have to say I love this cosplay and the prop that goes with it, I love wearing it toas long as it doesn't take all day. That would be my first steampunk original character, Nigel Witt. The prop, which is my concept of a steam powered cellphone, is the part that can get to me. After wearing it for a long time it starts to get to my back and always seems to start slipping awkwardly on me. I love the looks but it does eventually get to my back.

(Original Steampunk Character) Nigel Wit and his steam powered cellphone


WHAT WAS THE MOST COMPLICATED COSPLAY/PROP YOU'VE WORKED ON?Not counting the one I'm working on right now cause it would win out once it's done. There are several that could actually compete for that spot Yoko's Gun from Gurren Lagann and my Steampunk Cellphone to name a couple. Overall I think the Quick Fix for the Medic in Team Fortress 2 takes the lead as of now cause not only was it a complex build to begin with, then add in the fact that I was building it to light up in two separate places. With the addition of the wiring, battery and lighting system defiantly made it less than easy.

Quick Fix Medic Canon for the Medic in Team Fortress 2

WHAT WAS THE LEAST COMPLICATED?Hands down the easiest, least complex prop I ever built was Cloud's night stick for his Crisis Core outfit. Two different sized dowels placed together add some rubber ends and some paint and bam, it was done.

WHAT GROUP COSPLAYS HAVE YOU BEEN A PART OF?I have been in a Kingdom Hearts, FullMetal Alchemist and a Fruits Basket group.

WHAT GROUP COSPLAYS WOULD LIKE TO BE PART OF?I would love / have plans to eventually be in a Trigun, Serenity / Firefly, Avatar: the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra groups.

WHO ARE SOME CHARACTERS/PROPS YOU PLAN TO MAKE IN THE FUTURE?One of the main ones is Nicholas D Wolfwood from Trigun and I would be building his cross, Punisher . Mal from Serenity and I would build his gun. A Laputa Guardian from Castle in the Sky and that is a prop all in its own. Bolin from Legend of Korra. Also I'm sure more steampunk down the road.

WHAT CROSSPLAY CHARACTERS HAVE YOU DONE OR WOULD LIKE TO DO?Sorry but these legs aren't made for crossplay.

Yoko from Gurren Lagann featuring my construction of Yoko's gun

Cosplayer: French Chicken Productions.


WHO IS A CHARACTER PEOPLE SAY YOU SHOULD COSPLAY (OR PROP YOU SHOULD MAKE), BUT YOU AREN'T SURE ABOUT?Yep, a Big Daddy from Bioshock. I'm sure I could do it but it would be a big daunting project full of lots of crafting and more then likely some swearing, not to mention the cost.

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM COSPLAY/PROP?Wargreymon for Digimon, that would be both a cosplay and a prop all in itself. Prop wise, actual prop wise Wolfwood's Punisher, not the covered up in cloth version. I've always wanted to cosplay him but refuse to until I can make a Punisher worthy of that cosplay.

WHAT IS A COSPLAY/PROP YOU WOULD LOVE TO MAKE, BUT DON'T FEEL YOU COULD PULL OFF?I haven't really come across a cosplay or prop that I felt I couldn't do. Not saying I think I'm some kind of god when it comes to cosplaying or building. Its rather I haven't looked into anything overwhelming or I at least want to TRY tackling it.

IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT MAKES A GREAT COSPLAY/PROP?This is a bit difficult. In general I think if a person puts all their heart and effort into a cosplay or prop and they have fun doing it and wearing it, even if they don't have mad skills, then it is great. But if you mean what do I marvel over when I see really great cosplays then it is attention to detail and for props it is that they are proportional.

AT WHICH CONVENTIONS ARE WE LIKELY TO SEE YOU?Fandemonium and Anime Oasis have always been two I frequently go to, I'm hoping that soon I can expand that to one of the Seattle's cons as well.

Soul in Scythe form from Soul Eater

ANY ADVICE TO OTHER COSPLAYERS/PROP MAKERS?Well this is one that I always say when I run my prop building panels that I find very important: Try and make your prop proportionalized to you. It's not to difficult of a math process and that is coming from someone who hates math. Just find a good picture of the character with the prop you are trying to make and measure the characters height in centimeters (cm) then create a division problem. Your height (in centimeters) divided by the height of the character in the picture. That answer is your magic number. Now measure the prop you wish to build and multiply it by your magic number and thus you have the height the prop should be compared to your personal height.The other thing would be do your research, the more reference shots that you can find the less you'll miss and the more accurately detailed your prop will be. And as always have fun!

WHAT ARE SOME OTHER HOBBIES YOU HAVE, OTHER THAN COSPLAYING?Some of my hobbies tend to run into my cosplaying, like leather working. I also do miniature scenes, writing and am involved in Cowboy Fast Draw (I get to dress up for that as well :) )

FAVORITE ANIME/TV SHOWS?FullMetal Alchemist, Mythbusters, Star Trek (predominately Voyager)

FAVORITE MOVIE?From the older movie it will always be the Back to the Future trilogyFrom newer movies, Rise of the Guardians

FAVORITE BOOKS/MANGA?The Fablehaven series and Boneshaker.


FAVORITE COLOR?Black no Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuue * gets flung off bridge* If you get the reference you're awesome, if not you're still awesome. It's true though, blue is my favorite closely followed by black.

FAVORITE FOOD?Pepsi Chicken, mmmmm good!

FAVORITE DESERT?Cheesecake with strawberry topping.

FAVORITE CURSE WORD?I don't curse a lot while my child is present, which he is during a lot of the building process. Though I would have to say 'damn it' gets mumbled under my breath the most.



His stuff is super awesome! If you need a prop guy, this is your man! Next week will be his cosplay showcase! I can't wait to see what he choses to show us! No doubt it will be epic!

Until next week!

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