Thursday, July 11, 2013

First Impression: Silver Spoon


From the creator of "The dog goes daddy" comes "The cow goes moo".

For some reason, I'm very tired and writing a post about a show on farming isn't really helping either. That circumstance might or might not be related to the fact that prior to this, I - finally - finished Nisemonogatari and then started off with the second season or whatever you want to call it. The people in charge probably aren't any wiser about that either. Anyway, as you probably know, the several somethingmonogataris can be very tiring, bothersome affairs and once again, this is a comedy farming anime so it's not like I was all too keen on writing anything long or good, for that matter. On another note, it's beyond me why people still regard the -monogatari franchise as anything other than a string of series about the several exchanges of undressing mouthpieces, often gimmickry, obnoxious, plain unintelligent direction included. But who cares anyway.

Uh, infodumping time, I guess? This is by the woman behind Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood is, as we all know, not only a popular but also universally beloved and critically acclaimed anime and there's hardly anything for me to object to since I, too, think it's a good show and you should totally watch it if you haven't already. Conclusively, this thing here got fame, so there goes your hype train. Additionally to that, it's also the first noitaminA show actually suited for the block since, uhMoyashimon Returns! and Natsuyuki Rendezvous? It's also split-cour and you're going to get a second season in January alongside Samurai Flamenco after Galilei Donna. Also, more PSYCHO-PASS after that. Hooray. Not.

So several reasons to care about this, you got 'em all. Since I've already spent too many lines on beating around the bush: Yes, I think it's among the best this season has had to offer so far. Realizing this doesn't mean much, let me add that only Uchouten Kazoku managed to leave a better impression on me. Now that's worth something.

The bad things first: There's some yelling and shouting and comedic overdramatizing which sometimes works and sometimesdoesn't. Yes, I did laugh with the egg joke but the protagonist asking "Where do chicken eggs come from?" only to freak out upon hearing the obvious response was just plain moronic. Really? Like, REALLY? Yeah, who would have thought they came from the anus and not from some mysterious, clean body hole specifically designated for producing eggs. Or Santa Clause. It was even worse that they constantly had to elaborate on that and the dramatic internal yelling and running when his peers were about to nourish the tormenting anus products just made me cringe. That even outdid him trying to catch a calf that wasn't about to run away in the first place, making it escape in the process. Now that was smart.

Oh, and the animation. You certainly don't watch this show for that, sakuga wind gusts blowing people away notwithstanding.

The music and direction were far better off though. While the direction hardly ever did anything outstanding, it did competently execute the jokes instead of ruining them. The music is motivating stuff (there's even marsh music), sometimes hilarious and generally fitting the show. "Hilarious" is the key word here anyway: That's what the show is. Twenty minutes that made me giggle, I didn't think this was possible. You particularly don't expect someone to casually behead chicken, blood splashing on the newbies, while the now censored chicken keeps hyperactively flapping its wings (I totally preferred those to the CG chickens) and not even half a minute into the opening, the protagonist already steps in shit. It's more or less authentic which helps out the humor all the more and despite having a setting that could very well have turned out to be an utter snorefest, kept my interest up high not only due to the good rate of decent jokes but also thanks to the good pacing and the variety of country life. This is pretty much what you expect it to be: A tale about a guy who's unmotivated, out of place and has to adapt while animals keep harassing him. The schadenfreude still keeps shooting through the roof.



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