Friday, July 26, 2013

The Readers' Roleplay

Recently, I've been playing a game called Words of Wonder, an interesting take on the whole word search idea, but interactive and with a different, crazier set of rules. Besides killing time, it's been exercising the left side of my brain. I am primarily right-brained, meaning that I have an easier time with creative things rather than more technical ones. Anyway, the setup is rather fun and I've found that it can get a bit addicting, especially if you try to beat your own high scores.

You get different amounts of points, depending on which letters you use in a word, but you have only a certain amount of moves to clear your objective.

Words of Wonder on Facebook, Level 32 I have also just finished reading book two of the Wheel of Time series: The Great Hunt. I'm ready to move on to book three, but unfortunately, I don't have it. I have books four and five, but not three. So I'll have to save some money for it. Anyway, something interesting I found out about myself as I read is that I'm not just an observer, I throw myself fully into the story. For instance, with the Wheel of Time series so far, I find myself relating to Rand the most. As the story unfolds, I'm not jut watching what happens to the characters, at times I become the characters. That is my world , at least while I'm reading, before I have to world hop again. Maybe that's why I'm so good at writing various characters. It's actually easy for me to jump into various points of view, so I can write even multiple characters accurately. They don't just end up being talking heads. Each one has a motive, personality, and goals, as well as their own personal obstacles, villains and heroes alike. Rand has just found out that he's the dragon reborn, but he's also wary of the Aes Sedai trying to control him. He's tried to stay away from this supposed destiny for as long as possible, but he can't hide from it any longer. I've gotten into his character so much that I feel what he does in the story, and I even know how he'd react to things before he actually does, as opposed to the way I'd react to things. Unfortunately, since I am so introverted, I'd never make a good actor or roleplayer, especially not around people. I barely survived one session of the Dungeons and Dragons game, and I haven't really had the courage to try it again since. The third book of the Wheel of Time seriesI love this series. This is a little bit random, but I came across this great artwork that combined an episode of Fullmetal Alchemist with My Neighbor Totoro, a Japanese animated fantasy film written and directed by . It certainly is an interesting mix of feelings and themes, the more innocent feel of My Neighbor Totoro darkened here by the sinister nature of the suggested event in Fullmetal Alchemist. When I saw it, I thought it was a brilliant piece that inspired me. I guess it reminds me of the pure creative mind of the artist. It's incredible how, if even already existing stories and elements are mixed and matched, something totally new can emerge. As an artist myself, I applaud this.

Since I love Fullmetal Alchemist, I just couldn't help but share this :)

My Neighbor Nina, by On the note of creativity and art, I've been working on my character line up for my story, DA Shadow Phantom. For the basic characters, I've finished the line art and am now experimenting with colors. A line up not only helps me know which characters to design first, it helps me to gage the characters in regard to one another. I get to visualize the characters and their possible relationships; they start to come alive for me. That is important for a storyteller because, if your characters aren't alive to you, if you can't become them at least in some small way, you could very well end up with talking heads.

The story itself is also progressing well. I'm entering the second arc of the plot. Dalan has been fighting for the weak and innocent of Athallia who could not protect themselves. First, he fought against himself, against his own nature. Then he had begun fighting thugs and even entire organizations hiding in the darkest depths of the city workings that were fighting corrupt government control by creating panic and chaos in as much of Athallia as possible. He's even had to face off against the government officials themselves. Now, he's wrestling with a very heavy question. Who is he, and where did he come from? As he learns more about his heritage, he may discover in the process more clues as to what his destiny and purpose are.

Anyway, now that arc one is in full swing and the plot nailed down, I'll gradually begin to put up more volumes and maybe even get a solid start on the graphic novel, especially once the characters are designed. Keep an eye out for these updates!

DA Shadow Phantom: Dalan Aiden Raymer, with the mark of his curse on his back If anyone has any questions or comments, or if you just want to start a discussion with me, leave a comment after this blog. For more artwork and story-related stuff, or if you just want to get in touch with me and see what I'm up to, visit me at these websites:

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