Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blood C to be Release Two Months Earlier Than Expected, Oh My Gosh Universal Studios; Get on Some Flipping Clover Already and Some Epic Fullmetal Brotherhood!

Yes, the release date of Blood C The Last Dark was just announced yesterday and to my surprise it will be released quite a bit earlier than expected! Originally it was set to be released around the holidays FUNimation had said, but the official release date is Oct. 22nd!

It seems that a few other series release dates have been bumped up quite a bit as well! Now hopefully we will be getting a trailer for the dub soon soon! When it's out I'll be sure to post it on here and on Namae's Thoughts Facebookpage; so be sure to like her page! You can find the link to it at the bottom of this post. This announcement of the release date also means you can now put in your pre-orders! A great place to do just that is! So get on it, because Blood C The Last Dark is a beautifully animated piece of genius! Other than this announcement, the ladies of CLAMP have once again been pretty quiet since the last post, but I would like to talk about something CLAMP related that happened in the past and has yet to be fulfilled. Back in 2009 Dark Horse Manga had picked Clover back up to release it in there CLAMP omnibus spree they had (I believe it was the first they picked up), later that year they announced that they were in negotiations with Universal Studios to make a movie of Clover. It's been 4 years and still no deal has been made! Dark Horse brought the idea of creating a live action American film to Universal Studios because of the cinematic style CLAMP uses. If you have ever read Clover I'm sure you can agree; a perfect match to be adapted into a movie because of the style! However I can see how there would be complications to this project. First of all of course would be that Clover is not even finished, the next would be Dark Horses' weird behavior with their CLAMP titles at the moment and possibly not a big enough fan base out there.

Just knowing that a CLAMP series could possibly be made into a kick ass American movie makes me so proud and happy of how far the ladies of CLAMP have come! With all the remakes and remakes and lackluster ideas and oh did I mention remakes; of movies these days, I think Clover is just what we need! I've asked Universal Studios a few times what the current status of the deal is or if they will even be doing anything with Clover and still no reply. I know thousands of CLAMP fans would be overjoyed to have this movie made, so make your voices heard! Now I would like to talk a little about Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood since I finally finished it last night. PS... spoilers!

First of all I have to thank my friends for telling that I had to watch Brotherhood! It was amazing and anyone who hasn't seen it needs to!

After re-covering the arcs that were in the original series, brotherhood takes a totally different root that I just absolutely loved. Though it did make the original seems very dragged out haha. I really liked the plot twists in this series and a lot of the changes made to of course fallow the manga.

The involvement in characters from the past series to Brotherhood seemed so much greater, especially Hohenheim of course, which I think helped the story tremendously. I loved, loved, loved the addition of Ling and his whole thing going on with Greed. Troy Baker just made that character and played great with Todds'. It was also a sentimental CLAMP kind of thought that in the end all Greed wanted was to have true friends; which I thought was sweet. These scenes always reminded me of Fai's past >.< So yes I would always scream "Yui! Ohh... I mean.. Alphonse!" Mustang with a stache >.
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