Saturday, October 26, 2013

So I'm trying out this new WordPress app on Windows 8

And its AMAZING. I love how it takes up all the screen space so theres no disturbance. Praise for undisturbed writing.

Speaking of writing, goddamn I miss this. I was actually telling myself a while ago that I didn't feel like writing today, and yet here I am and WOW I love writing, even if its just rambles.

So how have I been? Well I dont know, I just finished the semester, the last month of which SUCKED ASS. I looked back at my calendar and realized how sucky the entire month has been. I mean everyday of every week had at least THREE REQUIREMENTS. What the fuck is that right???? Well anyway THAT IS DONE.

I've also been stress eating. Junk food to be precise. Well what can I do? I live in a dorm, surrounded by fast food joints. Plus it was a hell week every week party so I had to eat something quick. Thanks to that, I now feel fat and have a feeling that I MIGHT soon die of diabetes if I don't die from cardiac arrest .or cancer.

Anyway yeah ..I'll be reviewing a few things so watch out for that.I am currently destroying my feelings with Fullmetal Alchemist and House of Hades so that should be fun. See you guys soon.
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