Tuesday, October 1, 2013


(from left to right and down)

1: bought 4 frapp s from Mcdonald's for my classmates and myself before heading to the book fair. Two of my classmates were having a lesson so I was kind to deliver some drinks.

9: a random woman dancing emotionally which I don't know which genre though... Kinda ballet?

10: I thought they were false cherry-tomatoes, but it was real. I just can't wait until I get to grow a plant of cherry-tomatoes by myself :D!

11, 12, 13: MY OTAKU MODE WAS ON IN AN INSTANT! I can't imagine how I'll act when I'm in Japan's manga section... Crazy.

14: ending the fair and day with MAX! My favorite (fast-food) restaurant *-*. I'm still craving more MAX burgers.


The book fair wasn't as exciting and good as last year and can be due to the fact that they didn't sell a lot of English (translated) literature as last year, but I CAN'T expect so much from that since it is a Swedish book fair. It was still exciting, I liked it a lot. Didn't buy a lot of books, only two.

When I saw the complete series of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood DVD, I wanted to buy it so badly but the price was 699SEK (70EURO). I couldn't afford the price. Even though I have the anime in my hard drive, I still wanted to have the DVDs in my bookshelf, it'd look so nice.
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