Friday, October 25, 2013

2013: It's Fall now! #2 Ren faire!

The weekend of September 14th I headed up to Ramapo for the the annual Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo NY! My college friends have been going for the past 4 years, and I was never able to go until the year I am out of school! So I left after work and spent the night in their dorm. It felt good to back among those friends, and the dorm life that I actually kind of miss! I had a great college experience full of fond memories and hilarious times we spent together. It was good to be back with them for a night and day spent at the faire!

It was my first Ren Faire, it was overwhelming and awesome! Next year I want to dress up!

Good morning sunlight! My face after not much sleep and an exceptionally long week at work.

We had dunkin donuts for breakfast, then headed out into the cars for the short drive there! The sun was gorgeous even though the air was cool.

And we made it!!! So excited!!

We split off in groups, Amanda and I were buddies for the day. We wandered around for a bit, she got frozen lemonade and I got an iced chai, even though it was chilly, we kept wishing for it to warm up! We checked the schedule of major events, then continued wandering!

The flower crowns were so gorgeous, but not worth the price, I would rather make one!

Amanda got her hair braided!

I loved seeing all the people dressed up. So many nerdy and wonderful people come out to these! Check out the fullmetal alchemist coat!

There was even a dragon in the lake. So wonderful!

There was a little parrot enclosure. I love birds so much, they were so adorable!

They are so adorable

There were just so many random things to see, random events, and details that were everywhere. You need year after years to get used to a place like this!

Our classy converse clad feet.

We watched the jousting for awhile.

Then we had fantastic food. Sweet potato fries, gyros, potato pancakes, and I had a latte while standing in line waiting for food! Because the faire was a mad house by mid afternoon.

We spent a lot of time at the dragon booth, picking out a dragon for Amanda.

Amanda makes the best faces

Such a fantastic day with friends! And all the random purchases!

I'll be looking forward to going next year!
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