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Random Thought (October 20, 2013 at 08:50PM)

Random Thought 499

So out of the blue I downloaded 6 albums of SCANDAL. I have no idea why I downloaded all considering I only knew them because of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (Shunkan Sentimental) and Bleach (Shoujo S). I don't have anymore anime that I have watched that they are the one's who sang the theme song. My favorite song from them is titled, Namida no Regret (Tears of Regret). Interestingly enough the song is not from any anime, I actually just watched the music video on Animax and it instantly became my favorite. That song is said to be their first ballad song.

To those who still don't know, although the name is quite disturbing, SCANDAL is a Japanese pop rock girl band and is considered as The representative of Japan's Girl Bands and self-proclaimed as The Most Powerful Japanese Girlie Pop-Rock. Formed in August 2006 by four high school girls, they started playing street lives until they were noticed and signed to the indie label Kitty Records. In 2008, they released three singles and a mini-album while performing shows in the United States, France, and Hong Kong. That October, Scandal released their major debut single, "Doll", under Epic Records Japan.

(Source: Wiki)

And yes since I've downloaded 6 of their albums, I'm still not finished listening to them.


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