Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Small Announcement

So several months ago I announced a countdown of my top 5 favorite anime.


That went over well.

Not only did I not finish the countdown, I completely forgot about blogging at all. Which iskinda bad.

But, as you can see, I'm back. And now I'm actually back with a plan. From now on, every Monday will be Blogday. I will not stick to one specific topic, but try several things. I will try to stick to things I like to see when reading blogs. That includes movie or book reviews, cooking recipes and make up reviews.

You may quote me on this: MONDAY IS BLOGDAY! If I don't manage to do a post on Mondays, you're allowed to tell me on FB or anywhere you deem appropriate to get off my lazy ass and write.

So next week everything will be new and hopefully a little more frequent and fresh.

So unfortunately I have to say that the Top 5 anime review series is going on a little hiatus. Once I've sorted out this whole blogging thing a bit more, I will definitely sit down and write it once and for all! But I will give you a little preview by telling you the titles. Please don't be mad or sad, because I promise you: at some point it will be there. Thanks for being patient with me

5: Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann

4: Durarara

3: Attack on Titan

2: Baccano! (switched places with no.4, and yeah, I have two series of the same universe on this listwhat can I say, I'm brand-loyal!)

1: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Alrighty then, see you next week (hopefully) and watch me write. Again.

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