Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Something About Anime

Popular Anime in one

A good picture that summarizes anime is pretty hard to find without stepping on "landmines". It seriously took a long time to find a picture as good as this. Anyways, this post is about anime so what am I doing talking about pictures? I'm going to write how I discovered anime in the first place.

Oh hey, it's Pokemon!

It all started with a little thing called "Pokemon". A new episode of Pokemon started every single Saturday to fulfill my seven year old needs. I would run downstairs, turn the television on and watch a good episode. What does anime have to do anything about Pokemon anyways? Well, it is one. It was really hard trying to figure out whether this was a cartoon, or an anime. After two years, I finally concluded that it was an anime but I already stopped watching the show when I found out. This was pretty much my first encounter of anime. The next thing I watched that was actually pretty clear whether it was anime or not. For about a year, I actually watched Naruto. Yes, Naruto. At that time when I was seven years old, I still didn't know what anime was so I just classified it as another cartoon. It is sort of pointless to bring Naruto in the topic this early but trust me, it's going to be relevant later.

Now I'll get to the interesting parts! It was in the summer of 2011 when I went on a trip to the Philippines. We finally had a working TV at my cousins house so I decided to turn it on and hope for some shows in English. I finally found one but the channel name was "FUNIMATION". I immediately thought of shows for six years old but I decided to tune in for a little while for nostalgia purposes. A show called "Tower of Druaga" started to run and I thought it was pretty good. I started to remember something in my head and after a while, I remembered this certain word. I said out loud "Hey, isn't this anime?".

Eventually I totally forgot about this wonderful thing bu fast forward to December 2011, I was browsing Youtube videos when I stumbled upon a video about the same anime I watched in the Philippines. It was then that this long journey would start. You wouldn't believe this but I ran though the whole series in one sitting. It was amazing and I just wanted to watch more. I started to watch anime like Fullmetal Alchemist , Clannad, and Bleach. To this day, I'm still watching (I'm not that addicted so I just watch one or two episodes a day). This is pretty much the end of my story!

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