Monday, December 30, 2013

[anime] Little Busters: Refrain

Finally, Little Busters! Refrain is achieved as anime. OVA were announced. Little are the happy about it.

Little Busters! is originally a Visual Novel from KEY, the company that wrote Clannad, Air, Kanon, Rewrite and Angel Beats (in addition of other titles..).

JC Staff is the studio that adapted the VN into anime, that studio is very known for his *bad* adaptions over the years, and so, it tried to adapt a KEY for change. Talk less about overusing Railgun series (currently thinking about producing season 3 of Railgun if I haven't read it wrong) and more Toradora (or from Toradora author) with Golden Time.


It failed. Or to be exact, it succeeded for 12 episodes with scores from 7/10 to 10/10. and achieved with a bad episode (6/10) aka the last episode (episode 13).

An anime is really memorable if it hits well in the start and hits well in the last episode and is a great one if it hits well all during all the season.

Among the combination of those two qualities we find: Kanon, Air, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, [[detective Conan?]], Clannad After story, Angel beats, Gintama etcwhich contains "KEY" and more. Guess what, Little busters Refrain isn't great nor memorable .

I can't blame anything but the half-hearted adaption from JC staff

==Story (9/10)==

As KEY production, just like always KEY made us expect. You're going to share both of great moments and sad moments during the show. So it's really recommended to prepare handkerchief before watching the latest episodes.

However, It's clear that things aren't normal in that world: Like a cat giving missions, accurate predictions of future and even more, an endless day, weird memory loss and disappearence of people.

What's going on with this world? What's the secret of this world? Who's exactly Kyousuke? Is he really the one behind everything?

==Character (10/10)==

As you all know, little busters! is a team of 4 boys and 1 girl, later joined by more girls that do nothing but roaming around, playing and playing baseball.

Those are the leader, the muscle idiot, the Kendo idiot, the shy girl and the weak boy (no spoiler for those two later charactersjust 'CHANGE') .

The group is later joined by 5 other girls: The Happy-Go-Lucky, the silent bookworm, the pervert genius, the wafu and the cheerful "Everything is alright" girl.

This combination is very amazing, It fits those who are looking for actions, leadership, pervery girl, moe, cheerful girl and of course comedy and targedy!

==Sound (9/10)==

From KEY (Hint: Air, Kanon, Clannad, Rewrite and Angel Beats OST)

==Art (8/10)==

Certainly, the animation "film effects" are good. But It feels like people are jut forced to do the work, there is no deep affection. Art ermshall we pass this?

What I have expected:

* Little Busters: Refrain to easily beat Clannad with its emotion impact and great story

What I found:

* Good anime (8/10) that can never beat a 9+/10 anime

* Average quality

* story chopped, many things have been changed, nothing altered

* turned it totally to a blasphamical anime with altering dialog.

* Made it irreasonable unlike the original script

What I am waiting:

* Rewrite adaption (not by JC Staff or white fox)

* Little Busters: Refrain re-adaption
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