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Random Thought 479

Alright! Since I have completed all of my summer/spring watchlist, I will not reveal my final verdict for this season. I will arrange them based on the date I started the series starting from the oldest.

1. Toaru Kagaku no #Railgun S (A Certain Scientific Railgun S)

This is one of my spring leftovers as this anime is a 2-cour one. Railgun S is a sequel/season 2 for Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. To be honest, I did not really enjoy the first season at all but I can say that Railgun S is safe to say way superior than the last season. The first arc of the anime retold the Sister's arc featured in its parent anime, Toaru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index). What made it still watchable despite watching Index is that this arc has expanded into 15+ episodes as compared to Index having only 4 or so episodes. The animation has really improved and I really appreciate the time, effort, and budget that were given to this. I really like it that I am not ashamed of giving it 8 electrifying railguns out of 10.

2. #Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Many people would say that SnK is undoubtedly 2013's best anime and I really don't see why not? I cannot agree more. SnK broke anime/non-anime fans by storm by throwing something that has not been shown in an anime form before. It heavily exceeds your typical shounen anime by its medieval apocalyptic setting where humanity is being eradicated by giants known as Titans. This show is full of action, violence and drama that will really get you hooked until the very end. There are numerous scenes that I was really carried away by the show that I also feel what the scene or moment that intended me to feel. Keeping it short and simple, this show has to much FEELS. The ending did not quite reached my level since I just hate being left with a cliff-hanger with so many things that are left unexplained. I would give it an 8.5 but since MAL doesn't accept decimal I'll round it up to 9 gay titans of 10. Here's to a 2nd season of SnK!

3. Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou (#InuHasa/Dog & Scissors)

Man becomes dog. So many movies/shows have already done this formula. What makes it unique is that the former man, the dog, gets to live with a sadistic novelist who loves to use scissors as her weapon. This anime is full of comedy, I'll give you that, but it tends to drag quite often. The anime didn't have a conclusion at all. Many things are still left unexplained such as to why he became a dog and as to why the sadistic novelist is the only one who can understand what the dog is saying in her mind. Still a fine show in my opinion so 6 slashing scissors out of 10 for me.

4. Free! (#animefree!: Iwatobi Swim Club)

Kyoto Animation's first anime that completely throws off cute girls doing cute things theme. This is something new for KyoAni since they have decided to do something that far differentiates from their signature genre of anime. Many anime fans stayed away from this series since they thought it will be some hardcore yaoi like the mostly known Boku no Pico. I tell you, although most of the time you will see some kind of a bromance going on within the group, it is shown in a way that it isn't very disturbing and to be quite frank there aren't any romances revealed that are going on within the group. What shocked me while watching this anime is that Free! still manages to feature some moe characters like the teacher and the swim club manager. Since this anime deals with swimming, this is obviously a sports anime with a little mix of slice-of-life and childhood friendships in the main theme of the show. In the end Free! is a good way in expanding KyoAni's variety of anime, and also expanding its audience since most of their anime only target the male demographic. I'll give this anime 7 swimming trunks of Haru out of 10.

5. Servant x Service (#ServantxService)

Who would have thought that being a civil servant can be this wacky and fun? Servant x Service shows you that working in a ward office isn't exactly what you have in mind. This anime shows you their daily antics as they work in the ward office, how they deal with clients and how they deal with their co-workers. It's like a behind the scenes preview of what's really going on within the ward office workplace. In short, this anime shows you that working in a ward office can never this fun! I'll give this anime 8 Hasebe slack offs in a day out of 10.

6. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya (#PrismaIllya)

An alternate spin-off of Fate/stay night with Illya as the main protagonist of the anime. Prisma Illya is like your ordinary magical girl anime with a fusion to Fate/stay night references such as the heroic spirits but this time they are stored in a card. Pretty much like Cardcaptor Sakura right? If it wasn't for the cuteness of Illya and my knowledge about the Fate series, I wouldn't have watched it. I'll give this anime 7 mahou shoujo out of 10.

7. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen (#kaminomi/The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Arc)

Sequel to TWGOK anime series. I wanted to say that I'm quite disappointed that this anime tried to do something new that I wasn't able to get used to. I was really used to having different heroines to conquer in each arcs of the previous 2 seasons but this season didn't. I don't like the whole point of returning the previously conquered girls and turning out being possessed by goddesses and Keima must protect humanity in being destroyed by the demon world. It felt like I wasn't watching the same show anymore. Despite that there are still things that I enjoyed in this show like character developments within the girls who really developed after the past 2 seasons. I'll give this anime 7 goddesses out of 10.

8. Gin no Saji (#ginsaji/Silver Spoon)

I know I have already said this a thousand times but this was my most anticipated summer 2013 anime. It's based from the manga by Hiromu Arakawa who created Fullmetal Alchemist. Since I also read the manga, I already know what to expect for this anime. I can say that it stayed faithful to the manga despite jumping off to a later manga chapter in episode 5 if I can remember correctly. It wasn't much of a big deal since that chapter is just a sidestory. I assumed that the director just wanted to have this anime in chronological format and not exactly following the manga in terms of release dates. This anime is announced to be split cour and the show is expected to return this winter 2014 (January 2014). I'll give this anime 8 pizza parties out of 10.

9. Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! (#WataMote)

This is the only show that I watched in marathon mode instead of waiting for a week for the next episode. Watamote is by far the funniest anime of the season. There are times that you just feel sorry for Kuroki the main character of the anime. It's just feels bad that despite her efforts to be popular she fails every single time. I kinda see her in me in some ways like how she tries to be observant of people in how they see her as a person and sometimes the fact that she doesn't know how to express herself to people she still isn't close to yet. I kinda feel ashamed of myself that Kuroki even has a more productive summer vacation than I am. Watamote gets a surprising 8 reasons why I am not popular out of 10.

And so that ends my very long final verdict. It took me like an hour to finish this. This post is entirely my opinion. None of which reflects what others think about the anime I reviewed in this post.

Since Fall 2013 is coming, expect to see my first impressions in the near future!


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