Friday, September 13, 2013

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Y es now I'm sitting at the computer and watch some manga and feel I fan could go to bed now: S I've been sitting at the computer late at 14:40 and is getting a little tired of the eyes, hahaha: D Well is logged on fb right now and chatting with one of my friends :) Of course as we're talking about girls guys but there is nothing new so we skip ^ ^ I'll david mckee check on the series "Fullmetal alchemist" and "full metal alchemist david mckee brotherhood." There are 4 time I'll check if the Fullmetal alchemist and 3 time I'll check if the Fullmetal david mckee alchemist Brotherhood xD Lol here we can talk about me being the nerd ^ ^ Though I'm a proud geek :) No way, if we are talking about that I is the nerd and I'll take up that I've seen on the Naruto series 4 times and am on my 5th XD Each episode's 25 minutes long and Naruto series contains two different parts: Naruto (when he is young) and Naruto shippuuden (when he is older) :) I have seen on both 4 times. Naruto contains 220 sections and Naruto shippuden contains the 253 + section for all of shippuuden has not come out yet (it's a long way until the series is over! X3) As I said I've seen them 4 times plus a little more which means I've seen on .... (Using the calculator) 1892 episode of naruto :) Then I then sat and watch the computer screen in. .... (Using the calculator again xD lol) 788 hours then about 32 days (1 month) ...... Haha geeky huh? ;) Lol Did not even myself that I had been sitting for a month in front of Naruto: david mckee S Hahahaha
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