Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Anime USA!

Great time cosplaying at Anime USA in our nation's capitol, as well as Retrocon near Philadelphia!

Sack brigader from on Friday at Anime USA.

I'm with very cool voice actress Kari Wahlgren. She said the costume was "intense." Perhaps thinking I was going for some sort of military commando look, I reassured her that I was just a zombie.

Quite self conscious, putting on the makeup and walking through the crowd, even though lots of others were doing the same kind of thing. I skipped the sealer or whatever else actors use to keep the makeup on their face in action, so I found myself in danger of sweating it off! I hung out in a darkened anime screening room until I cooled off. It was a story of a family with shapeshifting powers or something.

Took the Metro subway there and back, but not in full makeup.

Saturday was day for me, in two states! I wore the uniform of a Galactic Union marine.

The conveyance device was for my two anime banners.

The day started with a drive up I-95 to Oaks, Pennsylvania, home of Retrocon, a convention filled with action figures, toys, and other cool stuff. Wore my cosplay uniform the whole way. Got some smiles from operators of the toll booths, of which there were, sadly, many. But more than worth it. I visited Rod and Leanne Hannah, creators of , , and tons of other works.

Like Masters of the Universe!

The local chapter of the 501st Legion,, was also there, raising money for charity. Blast-a-stormtrooper-for-the-betterment-of-others was great fun!

And Vader too, sometimes. Not to worry, her aim was way off.

The dart in the middle of the stormtrooper to my left's forehead - yeah, I put that one there.

Great cosplaying from cartoons and comics from the 80s, when I was a kid.

G.I Joe!

Optimus Prime! And, um, Jesus?

Then it was back to Washington for more Anime USA! Rode the Metro through downtown DC in fullGalactic Union uniform. Some kids may have stared a bit, but no one else seemed to care.

Got some great autographs at the convention!

Met Travis Willingham again, this time with fellow voice actor and also his wife, Laura Bailey.

Laura Bailey's the main reason I attended the convention, because she's in several of my favorite anime series, many as the lead. In Fullmetal Alchemist, she plays "Lust," a sexy (duh) villain.

Her autograph is next to her husband's. Awww. In the anime, their characters fight to the bloody, fiery, screaming death!

BTW, Stephanie Young placed her autograph in an interesting spot.

She also plays the titular role in "Gunslinger Girl."

Her character, Henrietta, is a cyborg assassin created by the Italian government to do their dirty work.

She has a crush on her secret-agent handler. Things do not end well.

Laura is also the lead in Soul Eater, playing Maka in the Harry-Potter-meets-Hellraiser series.

Close to Travis again. Dawwwww! Their characters are enemies again, but they don't fight.

I got a full set of autographs at Anime USA, which is a first for me, as well as attending all three days of a convention.

David Brehm is thought-ballooning Stephanie Young cause they're married and stuff.

I also stopped by the Maid Cafe. I highly recommend it.

She made me creme brulee. Heart!

Took lots of cosplayer photos this time. Some of my favorites...

Desert Punk!

Attack on Titan! I haven't seen this one yet, but my impression is that the attack is pretty serious.

Call of Duty: Ghosts. Sort of what I've had in mind in my previous outfits.


Kingdom Hearts! These guys should have won the masquerade but they didn't.

Lara Croft!

Devil May Cry!

Schoolgirls? Who fight evil? Maybe?

Youmacon in downtown Detroit is coming up next. I wasn't sure I would attend, but then they announced Caitlin Glass was returning, along with Todd Haberkorn. They're on my banners, damn it! So I'm going after all. I'm looking at Voyage Trekkers cosplay, maybe with a bigger ray gun.

I'll also be working on an cosplay project from an actual work of anime! For later. Maybe much later...
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