Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summer's Adventures

Greetings, all! It has been a very long time since I've really written: my summer was one of insane things to do, people to meet and places to see but I'm back! As with the last post, I promised to return with stories, and boy do I have them ready to share. So grab a drink, something to get comfy with and buckle in because the retelling begins!

This summer was definitely one of fun, friends, good times aplenty and more. There's so much that happened, I'm not going to explicitly detail everything because that would be too long for my tastes, so I'll relay some events, commentary and just convey the good times to this blog via pictures. Last summer, I definitely didn't get to get out as much as I pleased and now that I was recently single and living near friends and family again in my own place, it was time to make this summer one of grand things!

June was the onset of beach trips, exploration and parties. Being a recently single young man again, there was no significant other to hold me back from doing what I pleased. For starters, I went to AMA (Anime Mid-Atlantic, an anime convention). I held a Star Wars Trilogy day, as they did in How I Met Your Mother, streaked through Ghent (an old part of Norfolk in VA), went to a birthday/leaving party for a friend, hosted a dildo party (yes, you read that right. No, we don't really know why we did either, other than it'd be hilarious.), saw sights and drank a 20+ year old bottle of tequila with the worm in it, amongst other things. Let's begin with June!

There's me at Blackwater Trading Post, doing things that our parents told us not to do as kids.

Danielle McRae (left), voice actress for League of Legends, WoW and more- Chris Cason (right), voice of Tien and Popo from DBZ!

Vic Mignogna (VA of Edward from FullMetal Alchemist, Ikkaku from Bleach and more) and I- so happy!

Kyle Hebert (Ryu from Street Fight IV, Teen Gohan/Narrator of DBZ, Aizen of Bleach, Kiba of Naruto and more) and I, double hadouken battle!

AMA rave party!

Our dildo party went even better when this happened: dildo rave.

The night I streaked through Ghent, watched a friend get hammered on his birthday and more: I climbed to the roof of his place and snapped this shot.

In July, parties galore went down! I saw Halestorm, got a new biked, biked to all of the places, saw friends, watched drunken antics go down, enjoyed my sister's birthday, nerded out, surfed and tried new things! Enough of the typing, though, like the saying goes, pics or it didn't happen, right?

Amongst new anime acquired, I grabbed this gem of a series: win.

The new bike: this baby has taken me to many places, trails and more!

Williamsburg Winery: wine tasting, tour, friends and this- yay!

Happy 21st birthday, buddy: hope the Gentleman's Jack wasn't too much for ya!

Halestorm, tearing it up on their set- Lizzy Hale, will you marry me?

July was definitely a month of reading: started strong on the Drizzt series.

"No! You can't do that, bud! You're drunk and gonna hurt someone!"

A lovely evening drive through Pungo, VB's countryside.

So we had our friend's birthday at our apartment and everything was awesome as is, then this came along, dedicated to his likeness of Michael Cera. I can't even.

August was the final month of summer to do it right and kind of wind down. I spent most of it actually seeing family, getting back into a workout routine, getting a tumblr, reading, taking up writing again, picking up my guitar, getting into old and new hobbies, getting set for fall and getting the last summer hurrah's before my old roommate moved out and the new one moved in. As such, here are le photos:

The day I began If It Fits Your Macros: it's done so much for me.

Picked up this gem at Target one day!

My buddy Dome got married: we're a happy lot, we are!

Got mah cooking skills on and back into practice as I made some peppered salmon, one evening.

Day trip to NC, picked up some peach honey wine in Grandy!

Day trip in NC, bossing out at the beach: look out, ladies.

The mead was finally ready to rack at last!

My first super jar of whey protein. Do you even?

Rave night at the wave with friends!

The new writing project, underway.

Got into heroclix: Dc and Marvel vs The Spectre!

Peppered chicken curry rice and veggies, courtesy of yours truly.

Friend's 21st birthday party: it started like this...

...and ended like this for him.

Day trip to Maple, NC: no pants? No worries!

Drinking mead, playing glorious metal!

My favorite power metal band, continuing to make me fanboy all the feels like no tomorrow.

A day of skating, cruisin' aloooooong.

My friend's last week at the apartment before he moved out: needless to say, we partied right!

That's the breadth of the fun stuff, all right there. The summer was more than just these fun things: it was the time I finally and fully hurt out my breakup from spring. It was a time for me to emotionally come to grips with myself. It was a time to reconnect with old friends, to get a taste at caring for someone again. It was a period of doing the things and living to the fullest for me. It was making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. It was a goodbye to a few, a hello to many others. I can't count the times I fought with post-breakup feels, other times I was elated to no end with the fun I had. I definitely realized who I was and what I want in life as I went out and did all these great things with awesome people.

With autumn on my doorstep, it's time to buckle down for more adventures, new pursuits and trying to further my life. Summer, I'll see you next year. Don't let the door hit you in the rear on the way out, okay?

Until next time, everyone! I'm back and ready to pick up this blog again!
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