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Oulu Animeseminaari 2013 Summary

Two days ago I came from Oulu Animeseminaari and compared to last year s experience, I enjoyed it more this year. But now it s summary time so straight to it then.

I slept over at my cool aunt s place together with and and we played some New Super Mario Bros. Wii on her Wii, we had so much fun! When we came to the first castle in the second world (desert world) we died 24/7 there! We laughed so hard because always when one of us told another one to NOT die or "Seriously now guys!" in the stage the one who said that died within 5 seconds after the meaning, it was so hillarious! When our Luigi (me), Mario (Valkoinen Samurai) and yellow Toad (Hasakitsuki) had died enough we went to sleep like "fuck this shit". That course was so impossible for the three of us, that game is chaos and super fun when you play three or four players! Like, really! I had the same cosplays with me as said in the cosplay plan post for Oulun Animeseminaari earlier but their order got swaped instead. I had UryIshida (Bleach) on Saturday and Yamato "Matt" Ishida (Digimon) on Sunday.


We did nothing special during Saturday since all the panels and activities that catched our interest was on Sunday. So on Saturday we just put on our Bleach costumes and headed for the con. Luckily the way to the con was quite easy so we didn t get lost exactly in Oulu, which is a quite unfamiliar city for us. At the con we had a photoshoot (with me being the photographer) and before that, we found who tagged along with us for the rest of the con day. Yay!

Why own cosplay ruining a photoshoot? How nice of it...

Seemingly it isn t giving me any mercy! Damn you! xD

During the seminaari we also met this one awesome, charismatic guy who told us about his childhood story in short which got me totally inspired and touched! I really wanted to talk with him more! So when our group got seperated for a short while I tagged along with his company until I found Valkoinen Samurai, Hasakitsuki and Sairu-Chan again. Once I found my company we all decided to head back to aunt s place (excluding Sairu-Chan who didn t sleep there and stayed at the con a bit longer). The forecast had promised that there will rain cats and dogs so we trusted that and started to head back (we didn t feel like staying at the con either, nothing to really do or see). On the way back it started to rain smoothly but we were thankful once we were at aunt s place because then it really started to rain. The rest of the evening we played some The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword on Wii and I enjoyed it, the short amount I played. It was mostly Hasakitsuki playing because she likes Zelda games. I played during that part when you have to find those hedgehod alike-things with seeds on their back or something, the name was "Kwikwee" or something like that. I found one of them, we were searching for them quite some while before we could advance the story.

The gaming was more fun than the com in my opinion, lol...


Same daily routine as always, get your ass up from the bed, have some breakfast and put on your costume. I was doubting if I wanted to cosplay since I felt quite bad on the evening before I fell asleep and it lasted until morning, hence I felt a bit better on the morning than on the evening. After a while when just sitting on the floor and watching Pok mon on the TV, it was the 5th Generation to my surprise... and I didn t like how they killed Ash s face, just look at those eyes! What happened to him?! If you re an old Pok mon fan (since R/B/Y/G/S/C) and don t know what I m talking about then just google "5th gen Ash Ketchum" or ll notice. I started to feel better after a while and decided to put on my Yamato "Matt" Ishida cosplay (luckily it s so easy and simple to put on) and when all of us were ready we headed for the con again.

When heading there we were in a hurry since we all had planned to watch a panel which started 11.30 and we managed to make it to the con and the panel just in time! As soon as I arrived at the con there was this one person who wanted a picture of my cosplay but in the hurry I was, I had to decline the request and I didn t see her afterwards. I hope I didn t make her sad or anything. Oh well the panel we attended was called "Guys & Cosplay" (and was held by and friends to him) and it was quite interesting to hear how guys experience cosplay, why they do it and what kind of stereotypes they are dealing with. Some of the stories Thaki and his company told the audience were just hillarious! Especially with his voice acting! Thanks guys you all did great! The panel lasted to 12.30 and 13.00 was our next activity, which was a manga/anime piano concert held by a person (who I sadly can t remember the name of) who came all the way from Helsinki. The majority of songs that he played I didn t recognize, but after he said were some of the songs came from I recognized the titles, at least. He played songs from Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Sonic The Hedgehog, Prince of Persia, Fullmetal Alchemist and more. He was fairly good but seemingly had a last days practice which were a bit sad, I noticed it on his flow when he was playing, but I have nothing to comment because I fully understand that, because I m in that current state myself.

Even though the small amount of practice before the seminaari he did well! Kudos!

I enjoyed his performance anyway and I definitely loved his humour! It was amazing because after the concert he gave a paper to the Information point where people who wanted to hear a specific song could write that one up and he would promise to practice that one until next time. My song wishes were:

- "Secret From The Blue Sky" from Tales of Symphonia (I cried the first time when I heard this! I really wish to hear someone play it live!)

- "Eternity" from The Betrayal Knows My Name (because this song is powerful and simply addicting!)

Valkoinen Samurai and Sairu-Chan decided to have a photoshoot outside again and after that we head to town to I didn t approve so much of the fast food idea and ended up not liking the pizza, I only ate half of it (not to mention the mega size!). After the "food" we noticed that we had to start to head to aunt s place since we had a train to take and wanted to be there in time and to not stress. Before we headed for aunt s place I saw The Legend of Zelda figures at one of the dealer s tables at the seminaari and decided to buy one of Skyward Sword Link for my aunt, simply because she is awesome, for her help and becuase she loves The Legend of Zelda games. We left the con after that, said goodbye to Sairu-Chan and headed to aunt s place. Once there, we played a little bit Skyward Sword on the Wii and then we had to leave for the train station.


I don t remember what was asked of me. But that face is seemingly my answer xD

That was my experience this year, see you!
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