Friday, August 23, 2013

So it begins

Another subject another blog. why is the university of wollongong suddenly so obsessed with blogging and social media? at least the BCM and DIGC subjects are. Maybe i should introduce myself. i am Kate and i am studying BCM and majoring in digital communication. In my spare time i like playing video games (such as Assassins creed, pokemon, final fantasy and fire emblem awakening to name a few). i am a fan of shows such as Doctor who, Avatar: the last airbender, the legend of Korra, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. i like my Sci-fi and Fantasy. feel free to check out my . i enjoy interacting with the fandoms on Tumblr (or rather watching). i enjoy the sense of community that comes from belonging to a paticular fandom and also cat pictures. cats are cute. for the research project i would like to focus on video games or teleision fandom. at this point i am unsure. i still have to find some likeminded group members.
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