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Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail that became a top anime with its proactive scenes and magical storyline. Not all wizards fights with wands and spells. The story is about a guild name Fairy Tail and their members partaking on various missions.


At first she is the main characters of the show, because she has the body that attracts guys. However, she has proven to be a kind and caring person. However, she is probably the most dramatic of all the girls. Her magic is keys: she can summon creatures to fight for in her stead. In other words, useless without her keys.


This show really focuses on him, he is the real main character. A hot temper and boastful young man who does not back down from any challenge. But he always places his friends as a high priority. His magic is Fire, his fire abilities are able to kill a dragon (Dragon Slayer).


The cool guy who is actually a nice guy. However, he has the tendency to strip at random times without his knowledge. He also be a but immature, especially since he and Natsu consistently fight with each other. But he would sacrifice everything for his guild members, even Natsu. His magic is Ice: create ice out of thin air and shaping it to his liking.


The girl who is one of the strongest wizards in Fairy Tail. But she looks like a clam girl but when things don't go her way, she can be pretty violent. Especially with her strawberry cake. She is also is the only one to stop Natsu and Gray fights. Her magic is Equip: change her armor and weapons whenever she pleases.

These are the main people that the show mainly focuses on. But there are a whole lot of people that have their own spotlight on the show. Such as Mirajane, Wendy, Carla, Lily, Gajeel, etc. However, when a character is introduce they forget about them until it is convenient. I forgot the other main character of this group...


The blue cat whose magic is flight: sprouts wings and fly through the air. He is cute creature that talks and is the best friend of Natsu. Even though he may be completely useless, his moral support helps the group through some tough times...I think.

The story is interesting going from another dimension to a time skip. However, there is not clear ending or end goal for the group. But it has something to do with getting rid of the most evil wizard of Harry Potter. Annoying part is everybody seems to depend on Natsu, even though he is not the strongest wizard. His friends and enemies find him unstoppable, but he is not! Also how magic is form is interesting to look at, looks like a circle with a Celtic design. Kind of similar to FullMetal Alchemist.

The music is awesome, it is probably one of the best soundtracks for anime. The music sounds beautiful from the emotional to the action scenes. It is also different, giving it a more of an Irish or Celtic vibe than typical anime. However, the only things Irish about this anime is probably the clothes and building structures. The opening and endings are OK. There are so many but none of them really stand out completely.

The voice actors are decent, sometimes it may be over dramatic but they do sound realistic. Also be careful of some awkward crying scenes. However, the English dub is a completely different story. Personally I hate the English dub, they all sound monotone and lifeless compare to the Japanese version. So I would personally avoid the English dub. However, the Japanese dub can be over the top sometimes, especially with their gags.

The animation for the show is pretty good. The usual big eyes for girls and narrow eyes for boys. However, I don't see how those female proportions are possible unless plastic surgery exist in this anime. Guys will defiantly love to watch this show. Girls can also enjoy this show as well, especially since the some guys are mostly topless....All in all, animation is well done, from the character design to the unique way they do magic. Not cliche with the pointy hats and magical wands.

The difference between the manga and the anime are hardly noticeable. The two are pretty much the same. The only difference is the the anime has filler episodes. Avoid the filler episodes, they are not a whole lot of fun to watch. But they do make you laugh you sometimes.

This show grows to be a decent watcher, the plot grows and the characters interact with each other. But at bit promiscuous, so this show is more for a mature audience. The main thing this show does a thousand time is friendship. Even though your going through a tough time, friends are always there to comfort or give you a butt whopping. In the end, the world would be lonely without them.

Even the shows focuses on being there for each other, it also shed light on how sacrifice. If you were to sacrifice yourself, would that make the people around you happy?Probably not, in fact, it might cause a whole other problem instead of making it better. A world with friends is the best, not creating a better life.
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