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Animation Talk: Anime Recommendation 3

Yes, another list of anime that I can recommend for some reason or another. Not all of these might suit your tastes, but in my description I will give my reasons why you should watch these and if those aren't enough for you, then it might not be for you (although it doesn't hurt to check out the first episode at least).

1. Beelzebub (60 episodes)

Beelzebub is a show about a diligent student who comes across a baby who just so happens to be the son of the Demon Lord and assumes some sort of a father role for this baby. It is a wacky tale and fair enough, this show is quite predictable at times, but for all of the predictability there is plenty of humour and action to make up for it. Although the action scenes can be good in themselves, what makes this show tick in my opinion is the humour. It constantly breaks the fourth wall, the cast of characters is fun to watch, and speaking of characters, the "hero" of the story does feel like a breath of fresh air. It is a long show at 60 episodes, and you can easily lose track of time watching this.

2. Casshern Sins (24 episodes)

This is a fairly odd anime and although I didn't fall in love with it, I did enjoy watching it as it has tons of atmosphere, great sombre soundtrack to a very philosophical storyline. The show follows Casshern, who suffers from amnesia while at the same time is being accused of killing Luna - and with that has set in motion the world-ending ruin. It might not be for you, but I would recommend checking it out, if only to see one of the most adorable kids in a series ever (you'll know who it is once you see her).

3. The Devil is a Part-Timer! aka Demon Lord at Work! (13 episodes)

Another piece of great comedy, it's short but sweet. The demon lord escapes a battle and ends up in Japan and has to fit in with society to find a way back to their home world. It is interesting to see that both in this and in Beelzebub (which are both about demons) the lead character has black hair while having a friend in a servant-like position with white hair. If you have watched or are going to watch them you'll see what I mean right away!

4. Sword Art Online (25 episode)

Another anime that I really liked and is up there competing about a top 5 spot. I probably liked it a lot because I have a past with MMO games (although never really a hardcore player). Despite being based on MMOs this show offers an interesting story that shows of the many sides of people trapped in a virtual world. You learn to care for the characters in the show and you really want the good guys to win, at least I did. If you play games at all I'm confident that you will enjoy this, even if you don't I think you could like it because this show is much more than just video game lingo being thrown out there. It's got comedy, romance, action, drama, the whole package!

5. Katanagatari (12 episodes)

It's a while since I watched this (about 2,5 years), and I finally remembered to put it down on this list. Katanagatari is a bit different in a few ways. The art style is unique and the soundtrack is imaginative and a joy to listen to. My only concern with this show is that the action scenes are often very short, other than that I very much enjoyed this how.

6. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (27 episodes)

One of my favourite animes of all time. Never meant to be taken too seriously it goes over the top and then some more. Gurren Lagann is a fun show that you simply can't get enough of. It's exciting, has a great cast of characters and some kick-ass music. What more could you ask for? Oh, story? Don't worry, the story is interesting and keep you hooked throughout all the episodes. This, although it doesn't knock off Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood from its golden first place throne, is one of the few shows that I feel deserve a 10/10. Yes it is ridiculous, yes it is over the top, but for Gurren Lagann - that is how it should be.

So that's the list for this time, if you have any recommendations for me, I will check it out. I'm interested in all genres.
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