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The Unlucky, The Stupid and The Saints

Not to whine or anything, but bloody hell am I in a row of misfortune at the moment. I do hope this ends soon, for I keep hitting this wall, called "u-hu, and what's next?", which just turns me into one hardcore pessimist. Tho I do believe, that life's like zebra - there's black and white lines. If you're in a black now - wait for the white to come. If you're in a white one - enjoy it and hope it's the fattest white line in the history of mankind. And if it ends - just know it'll come again.

So, as reading went badly this month for me, I'll tell you what I've been watching instead. And I guess I might have watched more than this here, but these three were the most varied of all. Say, lets begin with the crazy one, Arabian Nights one: "DEVDAS".

With all my honesty and such - it's really sodding hard to explain this movie. First - she loves him, he loves her. Then he leaves to study at London, returns and for about ten minutes pretends he loves her not anymore and cares not. Then it's all good and stuff. ThenOkay, I'm not sure, it was a wife of someone's, who decided Devdas has no right to marry a girl who's family is renting a house he's (his father, technically) is a landlord of, so she tells girl's mother that oh, sure, come, lets marry them both. And then when all is made public, tells her - nope, sorry, you stupid, you poor, you get out. For some crazy reason - this Devdas dude kinda agrees with it. Kinda. Afterwards he runs away. No, not with her, no. To a brothel, where he won't touch anyone, just be broody and shit. And, without spoilers and a mile long text, let me just chop this up - But I love you! - Well, I love you too, but you hurt me! - But you so vain, I say I love you! - Yes, but I'm still butthurt! and so is my mother! - okay, so I hit you, leave a scar, so that no one else loves you. - what? nooo! why? I love you! - I don't love you. - okay, I don't love you either then. - no, waitI think I love you. - No, you love that courtesan. - no I don't, I love you! - Well, go love her, I don't care. - Okay. I love her. - Nooo!

That about sums it up for me. BUT! Before you ditch this movie in the bin, let me add - the dancing and singing was MARVELOUS. Again, with all my honesty, it was very beautiful, colorful, shimmering, and to those who say that indian singing is a bit squeaky - not at all, it was real nice and I would listen to it while jogging.

Those who read the Arabian Nights will know this story from the heart. Can't promise you will like it, but you will KNOW it.

Next movie I watched was CLOUD ATLAS. I watched it in three sits. I hate watching movies, nothing can be done. Give me company or take this time killer away!

Some say this movie is as if uncut movie, this and that, and this, and that too could be cut out. I don't think so, honestly. Every scene, no matter how evil-like scattered through out the three hours I nearly died while sitting, was still important. And if it wasn't, then it was definitely a fun scene. Those who haven't seen this movie, probably look at trailers and screenshots and scratch their heads - what the hell? Is it futuristic or fantasy? It's both, absolutely both and more. Stories lead from one to another, attaching by this or that line. A revolution caused THERE leads to Goddess over HERE. And, the usual in unusual way - love cares not for time or place, so naturally, in every story there's a love story hidden. Thing is - in some it's hard to see it. In some you see a revolution, a shout for freedom, but not love. How to say this in a more clear way? Say, there are three gems and a thousand worlds with different time, or the same, just parallel to each other. Three gems exist in every single time and place out there, just in one place - the red one will shine through, in the other - green and the blue will take over the scene. So is here - there's a few stories, and a few places where those stories, same ones in different way roll out. And each setting is fantastic in it's own way.

Naturally, I probably prefered the Neo Seoul story the most, but that's a matter of taste. The oldie-runaways story was incredibly funny for me, and the odd tribe-like story would have been the most capturing if not the Neo Seoul. It's a good movie. Recommended by many, understood by little, I guess.

And the last movie I'll talk of is THE SAINT. I watched it for Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) said ONE LINE from it and it cracked me up just about enough to suffer another movie per one day. The video is [], by the way.

Made no screenshots for this one, tho there were scenes really worth a snap. Booh for me. But on movie, yes: Bastards in a religious school, hated, mistreated and so on. All named by the names of the saints, to sort of justify their beings, for bastards are to blame for fact that their parents deeds, yes? Anyways, he's one serious thief, independant. He takes the most dangerous and well paid jobs and does them just about flawlessly. If not the fact that he always introduces himself with a name of a saint.

What I liked a lot about this movie, was the dressing-up. He disguised himself A LOT, as one person, another, third, fourth and so on, but it wasn't like Superman-Clark thing, people WOULD recognise him now and again, a moustache, a wig, no matter how well done, would not hide his chin and nose shapes, and the eyes. If searched well - he'd be found. Thumbs up for that, tho I did not understand why this movie inspired Jared to wish to travel. It's like saying Titanic inspired you to be a painter. Still. It was a good movie, worth seeing, if not the movie I'd watch twice. All said.

Now, the other things I watched but didn't feel like talking would be HELL ON WHEELS - I finished the first season finally. Not sure if I'll watch the second one. It was good enough at first, now I don't understand anymore where or what story it is. Swede, tho, is still the MOST fun, they should make series on him instead. With that famous line: "ButI'm from NorwayI'm a Norwegian " - So WHO the hell named you "SWEDE"??

What else? I'm almost done with FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD. Can't say I like it, sorry. Yes, I saw those other series, and I did like the movie SHAMBALLA. And I don't even know what's there to not like, all good and cool, just not my cup of tea, which, again, is just bloody weird, for it seems to be EXACTLY like MY cup of tea. But, I don't hate it either. Similarly to Cowboy Bebop - it's a classics in anime, you should watch it. Now, should you like it or not is all up to you. Oh, and I definitely do not like series where one fight takes up more than five episodes. That's a big turn off.

I began second season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM. So far - not good, but so far I'm only three series in. It was on a request that I began watching it and I was indeed warned that first few series are not good. We'll see how it goes from there on. I keep watching TRUE BLOOD, thou I must say I see less and less reasons to continue. I should instead probably catch up on UK Being Human or even start the USA ones. I do not watch Game of Thrones anymore, it spoils books too hard, and while I don't consider myself a fan of it - books are fine fantasy, so I will read them. Sooner or later. Probably later. Yes, crucify me for the unpopular opinion, but remember I didn't say it's bad. What I said, tho, is that half of you wouldn't know of it were it not series, even if you did read the books first - lets admit it, it's same as with True Blood - bubble bursts for series pokes us all. And it's not a bad thing, but heck, I had a story by Martin in his pre-GoT years, and while interesting - no one knew him, just like Charlaine Harris wasn't known. Still, worry not, it's good and great and such, I'm just very lazy when it comes to series, and my book list is miles long. I'll come to those eventually. (If you tell me you've read the books and it turns out you did that after series came out - your "but I didn't watch them" won't mean a thing for me - it's a comercial, those series, enjoy the books, you got my respect and such, if you so wish. And if you tell me "it's the greatest fantasy ever written" I WILL ask you what else you've read, for it's just like saying Fifty Shades of Grey is the best porn out there - no, it just got popular. There's twenty books JUST LIKE THAT, just without good enough advertisement, so you don't know about them)

I think I had enough movies until halloween, so there's nothing in my future but an anime or two (depending on length). For halloween tho, I do intend on getting some halloweenish fun and rewatch NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS without a doubt too.

And, hell, no one reminds me Kuroshitsuji manga. Last few chapters were so boring that it's been probably two months as I didn't read page of it. I forgot, dammit. I will catch up tho, I still like that manga. And I would like to watch the live-action stuff at last too.

Maker, I bet you someone will hate-msg me after I post this for reasons. So let me just answer you now: You may like or dislike whatever the heck you want, you is you, me is me, we - not same. Opinion is opinion.

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