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My TOP 10 Anime

My TOP 10 Anime - Male characters ~

Hiya there! Its been awhile since i posted anything, i have been alittle bit lazy.. Sorry, sorry! But, i decited to make this list for you readers, so enjoy! (:

Nr 10. Midorima Shintaro ( Kuroko no Basket )

What i like in Midorima, is that he s... so full of himself. No way he is ever going to think that he would lose, or something like that. I like hi's overly confidence, mixed with his superstitousness ( dont know is that right ) but Midorima believes in luck, and always carries around the "Days lucky item" He's cool and thats why i like him!

Nr 9. Sawada Tsunayoshi ( Hitman Reborn )

A whining brat in real life, but when gets on the battlefield, he goes BOOM and the badass arrives. I decited to put Tsuna on 9th place because i like him, and i dont like him. He is always so scared and shy, and gets really stepped on. Tsuna could easily wipe the floor with them, but he doesnt. But props for our Vongola Boss ~

Nr 8.Edward Elric ( Fullmetal Alchemist )

A guy filled with humor, badassment, laugh & feelings. And he's short. I like how Ed has alot of feelings actually.. He can laugh and turn sad in a second, same goes the other way. Lets say that Ed is sad, and someone whispers "Wow, that guy is really short" The hell is loose. ( Ed is very irritated because he's short )

Nr 7.Haruka Nanase ( Free! )

One word. Hot. Okayokayokayokay, i dig Haru- chan ( I "Dig" ohgodimsolame -.-) because well, he is a relaxed person, who also does sports! That didnt make any sense.. but i hope you got what i meant! Really nothing else to say about him... Haha, lets move on!

Nr 6. Greed ( Fullmetal Alchemist )

If i could describe this character in one sentence, it would be " I own the world " . I really enjoyed all the parts with this dude, i like his "style". What i also like is that he isnt like the other homonoculi, he actually.. Well, has feelings. Like more than greediness.

Nr 5. Tetsuya Kuroko ( Kuroko no Basket )

I dont know what it is with these "silent cool characters", but i always took a liking on them. I really dont like noisy, yelling people in Anime, thats why i like Kuroko. I was thinking of Kagami on this place, cause he kind of reminds me of myself, but i decidet to with Kuroko.

Nr 4. Ulquiorra Cifer ( Bleach )

When i thought of this list, Ulquiorra was the first to come in my mind. He quite didnt reach the top, but its still an awesome character. What i like about him, is that he actually didnt obey his boss like the other did. He definitely wasnt a pushover, and i really liked his screentime.

Nr 3. Lance Corporal Levi ( Attack On Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin )

Actually, i firstly put Levi on the first place but i changed his place. Levi always gets me that "omgomgomgomg its Levi omg LOOOK MY MAN IS ON THE SCREEN" Yeah like that.. He is just so... Awesome, just.. omg

Nr 2. Sasuke Uchiha. ( Naruto / Naruto Shippuden )

My first ever real manga was Naruto, and i liked Sasuke from start of it until now. He s a badass, with feelings. Actually, in Shippuden he has changed alot. I mean, not in a bad way, but in a good way. Who doesnt like a badass, hottie with awesome powers? Actually many hate our Sasuke, but i like him!

Nr 1. Hibari Kyoya ( Hitman Reborn )

This was easy to decide. I like cool, silent characters with mystery, but of all of them, Kyoya stood up the most. As a kid, he's like the badass kid in the neigborhood, and as an adult.. just, stunning. I like his clothes, his coolness how he just... Kicks ass. I really cant say anything more about this guy, even though hes number 1 on my list.

Thanks for reading :) I hope you enjoyed my blogpost ^^ comment below your top 10 favorite characters, maybe? Bye & See you ^^
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