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T-McBee's Favourite Game Protagonists

Hey everyone! Here's the first written blog of T-McBee's Favourites, where I write a blog about a list of favourite things that doesn't go in any order from most to least or vis versa. Sometimes it is tough to do a top list of favourite things once in a while, so I'm going to name things that are close to my interests in anything.

On this list of T-McBee's Favourites, I'm going to briefly list down my favourite video game protagonists. Some may already know who my favourites are, but for those who don't know, here's a written list that will reveal it all. Keep in mind that these are my personal favourites, so if your favourites aren't shown here, please don't complain about it. You're welcome to mention your favourites by replying to this post or leaving a comment at itstailtime.net.

Well that's enough of the introduction, let me jump right into the list of my FAVOURITE VIDEO GAME PROTAGONISTS. Here we go!

Joanna Dark

(Perfect Dark 64)

Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark was one of the first video game characters that introduce me to a fictional female starring in a game. Her British accent, marksmanship combat and independence makes her a kick ass female in my books. She even had the guts to save a space alien to team up with him later on. Now that is pretty cool.

Overall, Joanna Dark contains a lot of nostalgia for me when I used to play Perfect Dark 64 with friends back in my early teen years. She's definitely one of the most underrated female game protagonists that not too many people talk about unless they are fans of Perfect Dark. I wish I could admire her in Perfect Dark Zero but I cannot really picture Joanna with longer red hair. Short brunette hair is more her style.


(Jak And Daxter Series)

Jak is one of those game characters that you can appreciate by the further development of his appearance and role in the stories to a certain degree. He maybe one of my favourite hottest fictional hunks in video games that provides fun facial expressions and an attractive voice, though his personality is just okay in my books.

Jak contains multiple attributes like strong melee attacks, guns and the powers of light and dark eco powers, so there's a great variety in his attacks. I do appreciate this character mostly in the Jak and Daxter trilogy for the PS2, but after the release of Jak X, I pretty much cared less about the character.


(Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath)

Unfortunately, Stranger only made one appearance in the Oddworld series and he is by far my favourite. Inspired by western cowboy actors like Clint Eastwood and John Wayne, Stranger has a unique concept to his design and voice that I haven't seen in the 3D platforming game or action adventure or first person shoo- Not sure what specific game genre Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath goes to!

I especially love how Stranger is an anti-gun user that uses a crossbow to capture or hunt down wanted crooks. I even like his role in the story and how it builds up to something much greater by the climatic act, though I wish that he could have stayed in that western outfit throughout the game.



When you combine a Sun Goddess with the body of a male wolf, you will possibly get one of the coolest canine characters in gaming.Amaterasu from Okami is one intriguing protagonist with her unique design and bad ass moves.

There isn't much to say about Okami besides admiring her killer attacks and squealing like a little school girl over her wolf like nature. She can make me smile joyfully when she does something cute.


( The Legend Of Zelda Series)

Of course I got to add my first fictional video game crush in my list of favourite game protagonists, which has to be Link from the Legend of Zelda series.He maybe a muted hero with not that much of a personality, but the variety of design ascetics to the character is what makes me like Link. Gamers can like Link in different appearances and personalities like Adult Link (Zelda: OOT) or Toon Link (Zelda:WW).

Despite Link doing mostly the same main objection in the games, you got to admit that the adventures he goes through are fun and engaging. I really like the items and weapons Link receives. It becomes truly rewarding once the player obtains them in the weapon inventory, especially the legendary Master Sword. He's a real bad ass when ever wielding that sword, even as a little kid.

For those who are wondering about my thoughts of Link talking in future Zelda games. I will say this "Leave him as he is". I find him cute making funny yells, grunts and other expressive voices. If you want to make him talk, read the Zelda comics and mangas.


(Conker's Bad Fur Day)

Here's themost ruthless and raunchy character that Rare has ever produce, which is Conker from Conker's Bad Fur Day. His attitude is a bad influence for those under the age of 18, but I will give Rare credit that their creation of Conker was risky for 3D platforming mascots. Conker practically broke the rules of kid-friendly platforming titles and just wanted to do things that he was comfortable with, like angrily sawing the N64 logo in half.

Though Conker is way too fragile and stiff in the game he's in, but his immature personality, British accent, colourful design, and character animations is what makes this character stand out. He really blew my mind the first time I played Conker's Bad Fur Day on the N64, especially saying some of the most memorable dialogue I have ever heard from a game protagonist. Too bad that we will never see Conker again in a proper sequel or a sequel at all.

Sly Cooper

(Sly Cooper Series)

The cunning, thieving raccoon known as Sly Cooper is no ordinary thief that does heists for the wrong reasons. In fact, Sly is a good thief where he and his gang stops wanted baddies that are doing criminal acts all over the world. Think of Sly as Robin Hood, except as a raccoon. Not to mention that he's got one voice and personality that many people like myself will find him extremely likeable. I guess it's how he flirts with the attractive gals like Carmelita Fox. *winks*

Other than being a flirt and doing some hysterically bad voice impressions (like his Italian impression), Sly Cooper really shocked me completely the first time I played Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus when you get to know more about his past and family origins. Witnessing Sly's traumatic experience before being sent to the orphanage got me completely invested in the Sly games right away.

Zidane Tribal

(Final Fantasy 9)

Many leading characters in Final Fantasy are mostly moody, bland and completely clueless, but I don't think you can say that about Zidane Tribal from Final Fantasy 9. He is pretty much the complete opposite to heroes like Squall Leonhart or Cloud Strife. Zidane's personality is very optimistic, where he uses that positive attitude to help his friends or anyone in need. He was an entertaining hero, but had his share of being serious and saddened at times when the situation sensitively hits him hard.

Zidane is the only Final Fantasy protagonist that I can truly appreciate that was well-written with an intriguing trait overall. Say what you want about his exaggerated cartoonish look, womanizing moments and his monkey tail, Zidane was a strong main leader in the Final Fantasy franchise.


Is it just me or does he somewhat looks like Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist?

Hmmm Must Be The Hair.



Raz from Psychonauts is one character from a Tim Schafer game that I really like for multiple reasons. Raz is a kid that is pushing his goal of what he wants to become a Psychonaut; and I believe his motivation in following his dreams conveys a good message to younger gamers, though the game is rated for a teenage audience.

Besides being determine to become a Psychonaut, I also think Raz was also a likeable character for his unique design, comical personality, interesting backstory, and having the ability to jump to people's mind. This character is filled with so much originality and quirk that I easily became fond of Raz, especially that victory dance he sometimes does when completing a task.

He maybe a kid, but Raz is one strong willed individual that likes to obtain knowledge and take risks unless if it involves water. That he will not do.


(Super Mario Series)

I think people would have gone nuts if I didn't add (or even add) Mario in my list of favourite game protagonists. Even if Mario is a very iconic character from Nintendo that mostly do the same objective for over 30 years now, I will still have a soft spot for the Italian plumber.

Mario is a simple character concept that has a charming design and likeable catchphrases. He also had many occupations over the years in the spin-off games like a doctor (Doctor Mario), a tennis player (Mario Tennis), a fighter (Super Smash Bros), a kart racer (Mario Kart) and many more.And of course, I can't forget all the power-up and jumping moves that Mario has used over the years, as well as new ones. Can't be a Mario game without jumping, fireball attacks and other witty abilities.

Sure, there isn't anything striking with Mario's character, but I really like how simple this character is where he can be thrown into any kind of adventure besides platforming. Not to mention that Mario is basically the first video game character that I liked at the age of 3. Without Mario, we wouldn't have such amazing games today.


(Rayman Series)

Rayman is pretty much Ubisoft's Mario, which he is a simple character concept with a whimsical vibe to him, though I think he has a much more original look than Mario does. Rayman is an odd individual that has no arms, legs and neck and surprisinglyit works for his design! For those who have read my Top 10 Favourite Game Character Designs, Rayman became my all time favourite video game character design.

Rayman's design and his gibberish talk is what makes this character great in my books. He had talked normally in games like Rayman 2 for the PS1 and Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, but I think he's less likeable with a voice. Rayman is like the Tom and Jerry in video games - Don't make him talk! Unless it's Billy West who voiced Rayman in the cancelled Rayman TV series.


(Kirby Series)

From all the adorable game heroes that are out there, Kirby is one character that would definitely picture in my mind right away. Even if Kirby doesn't have that much of a personality besides liking food and doing adorable things, he's one hero that you don't really want to mess with, especially having the power to suck his enemies down the hatch.

I like how Kirby can copy abilities from his enemies and uses their powers to fight off other foes. Some powers that Kirby uses are pretty awesome, while others are just completely ridiculous. Sure, it's a cheap power for Kirby to have, but really Would you want powers that can transform you into anything whenever you consume?



(Ratchet And Clank Series)

Ratchet is a space rat from a galaxy far, far away and somehow I like it. I like Ratchet not only for his design,and animation quality, but also for how much his character has developed his personality over the years.At first I though Ratchet was a complete ass wipe when I played the first Ratchet and Clank game. However, I easily became a fan of him in the sequels, especially providing an improved voice that matched Ratchet perfectly.

What I do like about Ratchet is that this little guy can wield weapons and gadgets that are twice his size. It's funny to think on how much those weapons weight while he uses them. Ratchet is also a well written character with an interesting past, comical dialogue and having full determination when helping his friends in such dangerous matters, especially his robotic pal Clank.

He may have been sometimes cocky and a bit of a prick in the past, but he is one of those cartoony platforming mascots that surprisingly showed a caring and mature attitude in the sequels.


(Beyond Good And Evil)

Of course I cannot forget about Jade from Beyond Good and Evil. Not only she stars in one of my favourite games of all time, but she has some unique features that I admire, such as her tanned complexion, good nature attitude, tomboyish flair and her obsession of the colour green (my favourite colour). I appreciate Jade for being a female character that fights back, take risks to save others and doesn't get herself captured by baddies (except around the beginning of the game, but it was only for a few seconds).

Sometimes Jade can throw some forced sarcastic moments for laughs, though it's great that she doesn't do that all the time. She would show serious emotions when things are at a critical state and barely says snide remarks when fighting off opponents. Though she doesn't have such strong attributes in her combat skills, but the way Jade was written for Beyond Good and Evil makes her a truly special character in my heart.

And that's a list of my FAVOURITE GAME PROTAGONISTS. Like I mention before, feel free to mention your favourite game protagonists by leaving a comment here or at itstailtime.net. I'll see you all next time in another blog of T-McBee's Favourites.
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