Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just Some Biz That Happened This Week

Hai world! (thanks to Broranges, I've gotten into the habit of writing 'hai' and 'bai' a lot)

So a friend of mine, who I've seen before but never actually talked to face to face, has been my e-mail pen pal for a while now. Something we discuss is anime and manga, and also we talked a little about fanfics. She told me that she was writing one, and I said the same back. However, don't remember if I've mentioned it, now the setting and stuff is all wacko in my story. I told her that, but she insisted that I at least give her a little piece of it, so I gave her the very first chapter. She told me that she's hooked! So it's already boosted my confidence, although it's still gonna be a while before I edit my book enough to give her more.

I have a sewing class, and for a few weeks we were working on a class quilt (and my square is beautiful, just so you know). At the end, she had us all use a quilting machine. But since the school has only one, only one person could go at a time, and so everyone else had to just sit around and do nothing. I couldn't take it anymore and started to draw. A girl who I think is my friend (she is such a complicated human being) was hanging around and we talked while I doodled. I took the opportunity and tried drawing her, cuz I think drawing real people helps my technique. She was really happy I did that, although she got annoyed it was smudged. (The only eraser I could find was really sucky. I wish I had remembered to get mine.)

(I learned from Fullmetal Alchemist and a drawing book that putting a little line for the eyelid makes it more realistic. I think it does look better, but to others it probably seems like it's supposed to be her eyebrow...)

I also tried redrawing the guy. He ended up looking a little better and nicer, but the hair was still freaking bugging me to death. I'm just too used to drawing girls, I guess. Then the second day we were there (this time I came prepared with my own pencil and eraser), I realized the hair just needed to texture. So I drew him again, this time adding more fly-away chunks. He looks so much better!!!

The thing is that although he seems much more like a guy than a girl, those are still big eyes. I can't get myself to draw smaller ones that don't look just plain wrong. So for the moment I'll just let people in his world call him a baby-face. (My sister has a friend who she calls Baby-face all the time, so that's where I got it. He really does look really young, so it throws you off when you hear his deep voice. I think it's almost as deep as Vin Diesel's. Almost.) I decided to base his first name off of my sister's friend, but it's not the same name, just similar. And my friend(?) drawn above just named off some last names and I felt like this one sounded right. I think I will have to change it, though, because I just googled "Justin Maller" and he already exists...

Oh, and I've already decided to name the girl Mausu Mumei, because it just seems to fit. (And another friend approved.) And so I guess people will just call her by either, like in a lot of manga.

Speaking of manga, a few weeks ago I checked out a book that had summaries of pretty much the most famous manga ever. I found some that I decided that I wanted to read, and so I've started on my list. I read some Astro Boy, which was cool, but I think I actually like the backstory on the movie version they made a few years ago. In the original, his dad sells him because he's all "If you were really my son, you would be able to grow!" That guy really pissed me off, even though he was only on few of the pages.

I also read some Black Jack and loved it. It's by the same guy who did Astro Boy, but this was started in the late 80's, not early 50's. I highly recommend it.

I had noticed Case Closed on the library shelf, and that it had over 50 volumes, but since it had only a little boy on the front, it didn't seem interesting. Mystery novels are fun, but with a little kid as the main character, it seems like it's meant for little kids. But the book with summaries explained that it's NOT for little kids. So now I plan to read every single one available, cuz they are quite good. I'm just confused, cuz for some reason my county library system doesn't have #5... guess I'll have to skip it.

Psyren is new, unlike those other ones. In fact, I think #13 came out this year, and I'm on hold for it, but it'll take a while. I have a thing for reading books about people with powers. Something different about this is that all of their power comes from their mind. It's still things like blowing up stuff, healing, super speed, making stuff float in midair, and all that jazz, but it's done by them using more of their brain at one time. It has quite an interesting plot.

Last one for today: The friend who approved Mausu's name is the same one who told me to Netflix. (She absolutely loves Black Butler, so maybe her codename will be Grell?) She also told me that I should watch Fairy Tail, and I started last Thursday. I like it a lot, although there's something about it that's stopping me from obsessing about it like her, but I don't know what. However, something that I noticed is that they have a lot of terms said in English, not Japanese, like the name Fairy Tail, and their magic. ("Ice Make: Cannon!!!" "Dude, where'd your clothes go?!" *girlish scream*) I think one of my favorite characters is Gray. I just love that now that I've watched the episodes that give his backstory (gotta love dem backstories) I just laugh every time his shirt disappears. Although I think he seriously should've gotten rid of that habit by then...

Jeez, this post was long. I'm done for now. See you hopefully Friday or Saturday, cuz I don't really like using Sunday.
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