Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Since When Were Fanfics GOOD?

Hello world!

And Happy Halloween!... last week...

I know, I'm still being pretty sucky about doing this weekly. I'm so close yet so far.

So, on Wednesday (or was it Tuesday?) I was extremely bored and just felt like searching up something random. I Googled "fullmetal alchemist fanfictions." This is weird for me because I am almost AGAINST fanfics. Why?

I had talked about a few weeks after starting the blog that I just get annoyed by love stuff. Bleh. And I already knew for a fact that a lot of fanpics and fanfics (rhymey whimey) have to do with shipping characters. I mainly know that from Finn, the human on Facebook, because now that page is pure Adventure Time pictures. I totally get ones like where in the show two characters actually had a relationship, like Finn and Flame Princess, but beyond that they can get... creepy.

And besides the fact that people's minds are weird in the way that they choose characters to hook up, they also tend to be PERVERTED. The older I get the more I feel disgusted by humanity.

So, knowing this, I just didn't even try to find fanfictions and etc. I would actually be interested in.

But for some reason, I felt like searching them. It redirected me to the Fullmetal Alchemist section in fanfiction.net. I was actually kinda pleased with what I found! The descriptions say what kind of story it is so I can just avoid the ones that say "Romance." I was amazed to find that there are actually really creative people that write well and know how to use certain characters and make up an original plot and make it interesting and be overall awesome. These are the kinds of stories that I try to sneak some time in to read on my phone during school. It has to be good for me to do that, I suppose.

After reading a few that I wanted to follow, I decided to make an account on fanfiction.net, and since then I have been getting on at least once daily to find more stuff to read.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is one happy customer. Especially because I don't have to pay.

Also, I later remembered that I'm writing my own... based off of another one... am I being a hypocrite?

I'm pretty sure that publishers wouldn't want to publish a book with Slenderman, considering I've never seen any at the library. So what if I post my book on the website and see if people even like it? Maybe if it becomes quite popular, it might help to boost my confidence on what the public think. And if not, then I know that I suck at writing. Plus, it would be good to get reviews from people besides myself on how to make it sound better and stuff. Is that a good idea?
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