Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ed, Al, and Ciel

Hello world!

*Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh...* of course no one responded to my plea. I gave you people a whole week! I shall now just make the conclusion that I don't have any bros. Tear!

Anyways, I started thinking about what I would do since it was most likely my question would not be answered by Internet folk. I have decided that I'll try to put some of all three kinds of posts in each post. It would probs make everyone happy, especially me in the future.

Friday was a day off for me because it was the end of the first quarter in school. (Yay! Partay!) I knew that everyone would wake up a bit later because of that, so I woke up as early as I could while still sleeping 8 hours. It was actually pretty hard but I could. At about 8:00 AM I hooked up the laptop to the TV and began watching Black Butler. I wanted to try to get as much as I could before someone else wanted to watch TV, because I don't get golden opportunities like this often.

No one tried.

I sat there for almost the entire day having a Black Butler marathon. Obviously, I got up every few episodes for a food or bathroom break. Taking out that time, I watched from about 8-6. I repeat. I kept watching until past 6:00 PM. I stopped because I had watched every single episode done. I started at Episode 17 of Season 1, watched 5 of the 6 specials (one was of "The Making of Season 2" and it seemed boring), and all of Season 2. When I told my mom I had watched 25 shows in a row, she almost passed out. My eyes hurt a ton, but TOTALLY WORTH IT.

I am actually proud of myself. Thursday night I thought "Tomorrow, I'll try to finish the series, or at least pack in as many hours as I can." I got to that goal! It was one of the most useless and happiest days of my adolescence.

Today I finished Fullmetal Alchemist! Yesterday my dad and I went to our weekly trip to the library to pick up our holds, which I usually finish the next day, and this time was no exception.

After about a month of reading, I finally got books 21-27 and enjoyed an awesome ending. I almost could no longer wait to see Alphonse in his body again. I really hate endings, because it means you will not learn of their adventures anymore. You are never 100% content, even with a good happy ending. Although I have to admit, the author did come up with a happy ending that was realistic and not TOO happy. Aragawa, you genius!

On our way back from the convention I talked about last time, I asked Broranges if he preferred Edward or Alphonse Elric. (You always have preference of one main character over another, no matter how slight.) He said Edward only because of the amazing thing he does at the end- "Oh no! I almost gave it away!" Thank you for not spoiling it for me Broranges, because I hate spoilers. But it just made me rage inside wondering what the heck that could be. I don't want to spoil it for anyone else, but I'll admit, once again, that the author is genius.

But even after that, I still think that I like Al more. There are characteristics of him that I like more than his brother's, and lots that I have in common with him. For example:1. 14 years old2. Have one older sibling, that's it3. Have been/are the same height as older sibling and/or taller4. Trust in older sibling a lot5. Am closer to dad than sibling6. Interested in Xing/Asian culture7. Love cats!!!

I'm already imagining meeting them and fangirling and hanging out with them and becoming buds forever. I have never felt more inspiration to draw a comic to express my feelings as ever. In fact, just a little bit after reading, I went to work to practice drawing them so I can do this comic.

Strangely, I am quite incredible at copying pictures in books or on paper. Not tracing. Especially if I am copying it as the same size as the original. This was my first try at drawing them. I took it from one of the last pages in the last book. Only difference is that I had to take Ed's eyes from a different section, because where I drew this his eyes are closed and the point was I wanted to practice his eyes too. Obviously, I had eye resizing issues. When I saw what I did, I drew this.

I really did nope away from the table in my head (hehehe that's sounds funny).

Anyways, I plan to practice more on them, perhaps to the point where I don't have to copy a lot anymore. I even plan to do this at school. I really hope this helps with my drawing-hair issues...

So... yeah.
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