Friday, January 24, 2014

What's Making Us Happy This Week

Here's our staff highlights for this week -- all the titles, creators, programs, conferences, and library shenanigans that made our week, comics-wise!


I'm happy that the Youth Media Awards will be next Monday -- and especially happy that I have the day off and can watch them uninterrupted at home. They'll be . It's the next best thing to being there in person. I'll miss being with my friends, but I am happy that I won't have to take a cab, wait in line, or put something other than pjs on. My fingers are crossed for lots of graphic novel love, but even if there aren't a lot of gn winners, the 2014 list will be out soon after, which is nice. -Snow


I'm stoked that the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library will present that features original and "lost" art from Jay "Ding" Darling, the two-time, Pulitzer-prize-winning editorial cartoonist. -Richie


I'm behind the times on this, but I finally finished vol. 2 of the Absolute Sandman. These stories are so wonderful, as I'm sure the rest of you know. It's amazing how Gaiman can make something so incredibly disturbing and entirely beautiful. Ordering Volume 3 now to help get rid of my shame. -Abby I'm with Abby--I coincidentally also just finished Sandman, Vol. 2 as part of my project to finally read all things Gaiman. I can't believe I waited this long! -Marcela


Happy that these library grants are available but sad that we Canadians cannot take advantage of similar opportunities: : libraries have been integral not only to the success of comics, graphic novels, and manga over the past decade (and more), but also to the newfound respect the format has received from readers and the public at large. These new grants will, according to the foundation, encourage "public awareness about the rise and importance of graphic literature and honoring the creative excellence of Will Eisner." This is an outstanding opportunity for libraries, and applications for the grant are being taken now (until February 7). -Gail


I'm not just happy but SUPER STOKED because this weekend my husband stumbled across a copy of Bryan Lee O'Malley's LOST AT SEA in a bookstore. I haven't read it and I can't WAIT to steal it once he's finished with it. -Gretchen Lost at Sea is most awesome! I think I might like it even more than Scott Pilgrim And I saw that Oni Press now has . -Andrew S.


I'm excited that has been announced over at Anime News Network. I enjoyed the first two-season series even if it did greatly diverge from the manga, which I'm loving to bits and pieces. I don't know if the new one will be a reboot in the vein of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood or a continuation of the first series, but either way I'll happily watch it. -Jenny


I'm happy about (via Robot6). The hard-hitting sports mascot brawls and insane training flashbacks are fun to read, but I am also interested in its economic model, as it hits Comixology in pieces before coming out as a complete print graphic novel. Which will more people buy: six $2 digital installments or a $20 book they can hold? Or will each version court its own audience?


I was ridiculously happy to see CBR do . One of my favorite writers of all time.


It isn't anything new, but I love Amazon's Comics newsletter. They keep doing interviews with artists and writers involved in the process and it's just great to see what's coming out, what's new, and the various specials they have running. You can sign up . -Andrew S.


I finally watched , the awesome CGI web series that follows 4 girls as they train to become huntresses and hone their abilities to fight monsters known as "Creatures of Grimm." It was featured at New York Comic Con and has a growing fanbase. My teens have been telling me about it since it came out. The graphics are amazing, the story is fast-paced and engaging, and the show's score and theme song are super catchy. I immediately bought the soundtrack upon finishing first season. I am so excited for season 2! -Marissa


Gal Gadot now has (via Moviefone)! Lots of people have been upset with her as the casting choice, but I have to say (as a closet Fast and Furious fan) that she is pretty awesome, particularly in fight scenes. I'm excited to see what she can do with the role and just to see Wonder Woman in a movie (although, sadly not her own movie yet). And now in three movies! -Abby
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