Saturday, February 1, 2014

Animes I Like Part 1

Ok, so a couple of people at my school have asked me for my complete list of animes and my thoughts on each one, so here we are:

I'm breaking this into parts, because, like the big nerdy otaku that I am, I have watched ALOT of animes, and to keep this from being one long ass post, I'll just use genres.

Todays Genre:


Angel Beats!- This anime is really good, the animation and drawing style is amazing, and the story like is really good; the romance doesn't overpower the storyline, and the ending is beautiful *cries* YOU WILL CRY!!!!

Attack on Titan- This anime is totally badass! It's just awesome and the plot was amazing!Nuff said!

Baccano!!- This anime has a lot of comedy, a huge cast of characters, and an awesome fight scene.There is a moderate amount of blood in it, also it takes place in like the 30s in NY or something similar, so people who are into that should check it out.

Berserk- Honestly I haven't seen the whole series yet, but from what I've seen I would recommend it if you like lots of blood and gore

Black Rock Shooter- Just Amazing! Beautiful everything's!

Fullmetal Alchemist- The first season was kinda blah( you need to watch it though!) but Brotherhood is a whole different story

Darker Than Black- I'm not going to lie when I say the second season sucked! It is horrible, but the first season is the shit! Lots of badassness and fighting

Guilty Crown- I only watched the first two episodes, but I really like it, not much to tell about this anime yet, it's beautifully drawn though ^ ^

Ao No Exorcist- The fighting and Rin are what make this anime.Good for if you like demons and fighting

Black Brother- Again another anime that has a shitty second season; good if you like demons and historical type animes

D. Grey Man- 103 episodes of epicness!

Deadman Wonderland- I think this is a bloody anime, but it's worth it, the story is fucked up, but really good, I couldn't help but like it

Durarara!!- Its by the same people who did Baccano!! so the animation is the same.Lots of characters and a weird confusing plot, but it's worth it

Elfen Lied- Just bloody, it's sad in a weird way, but the last episode is disappointing

Ghost in the Shell- I haven't seen this in a while, but it's good

Hellsing- Awesome! It's about vampires and its really badass, surprisingly the second season is awesome and better done than the first season

I'm probably going to break this into a smaller part (like a Part 1.5) because my 5th period is almost over and I don't have enough time to finish this

I'm also going post a fanfiction on my DeviantART account once I finish it, so you faithful readers can read it...wait wut?

Auf Wiedersehen!
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